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An Investment in Lakehead Makes Leaders is an Investment in your Future

LML LogoLakehead Makes Leaders is an innovative career readiness program offered by Lakehead University International to develop critical soft skills in our students. We have built the program to address the soft skills gap in Canadian post-secondary graduates, skills that are necessary to access career-related employment and which are critical for success in the workplace. Lakehead Makes Leaders (LML) builds soft skills such as leadership, interpersonal skills, negotiation, entrepreneurship, self-awareness, the ability to accept and employ constructive feedback, how to handle performance reviews, strong cross-cultural and professional communication skills, and much more. Each module supports Lakehead University students in gaining an edge in their career preparation and career-related employment following completion of their academic program at Lakehead University. Teams of students compete and earn LML points to win amazing experiences and opportunities, not to mention bragging rights. Prizes have included a sailing trip on Lake Superior and a full ski experience at one of our local ski hills. This program provides enormous growth opportunities and the chance to make lifelong friends along the way.

Lakehead Makes Leaders Program Design

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Lakehead Makes Leaders consists of 5 modules. Upon successful completion of each module, the student receives a Leadership Completion Certificate. Students who complete all 5 modules are awarded a Lakehead Makes Leaders Completion Certificate. Students that receive the Lakehead Makes Leaders certificate will have it added to their co-curricular record. 

All 5 modules of the Lakehead Makes Leaders program can be completed in 1 academic year by students studying shorter programs or over 4 years for students enrolled in longer programs. LML is offered at different times each semester in order to align with the varied academic schedules of students. This program is open to all Lakehead students in all majors. 

Lakehead Makes Leaders modules 1-4 can be completed in any order. Students can take all in the order they are offered in one academic year or break them up over the duration of your program. Module 5 requires the successful completion of the first 4 modules to adequately prepare them for their unpaid volunteer internship in career-related employment. 

Module 1  Module 2  Module 3  Module 4  Module 5

Module 1: JUMP

JUMP programTransitioning to your new life in Canada can be challenging. Module 1 covers building confidence to navigate uncertain times and to have the confidence to JUMP into your future. 

Join us in module 1: JUMP!  Embark on your new transition to Canadian culture and life at Lakehead University.

As a JUMP participant, you will learn about Canadian culture and life as a Lakehead University student. You will enjoy sessions that explore your new community and campus supports, make connections with peers by joining role-playing scenarios and team-building activities, and have the opportunity to build confidence and grow.

Learn more about Module 1: JUMP

Module 2: Courageous Conversations with Confidence

Courageous ConfidenceLooking for a job in Canada? Communication is key! Module 2 develops constructive and confident conversations with peers and supervisors.

Join us in Module 2: Courageous Conversations. Gain confidence in communicating within the Canadian workplace and learn tips and tricks to be successful. 

This module will allow you to develop the skills necessary to communicate effectively during job interviews when meeting with colleagues, and in conversations with supervisors, co-workers and others. By practicing these skills through different hypothetical scenarios, you will build confidence in handling many cross-cultural exchanges you will encounter in the Canadian workplace. 

Successful completion of this module leads to a certificate in Developing Professional Communications in Leadership and a co-curricular record that can be shared with future employers.

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Module 3: Think Like a Leader

Think Like a LeaderModule 3 strengthens leadership in project management. 

Do you see yourself as a leader of others? Are you ready to work on becoming a better leader? Learn to craft your leadership mindset!

Join us in Module 3: Think Like A Leader. Strengthen your interpersonal and team management skills

In this module, you will focus on leadership development skills needed for your future Canadian career endeavours. Learn about different leadership styles and explore your strengths. Participants engage in various activities to learn to manage uncertainty, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and dive deep into self-awareness and values to foster change and innovation. After completing this module you will be on your way to being a Lakehead Leader with the ability to make meaningful and impactful changes for others. 

Learn more about Module 3: Think Like a Leader

Module 4: There's No "I" in EDI

There's No I in EDIModule 4 creates diverse teams that work together in a dynamic environment. 

Boost your cultural competency by managing team projects that focus on EDI.  Join us in Module 4: There's No "I" in EDI. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Matter!

EDI takes a whole team. Inclusion needs equity and diversity. There’s No “I” in EDI showcases how to navigate and celebrate diversity, how to address equity, and how to foster inclusion and belonging. Module 4 allows you to participate in experiential learning to strengthen interpersonal skills and understand and practice emotional and cultural intelligence. Participants will complete cultural competency (CQ) training which provides the tools to celebrate and build strong teams. This module teaches you how to build and effectively work on cross-cultural teams, develop soft skills for navigating conflict resolution, and grow your knowledge and navigate the many different cultures encountered in the Canadian workplace. Enhance your collaborative skills by working in groups with diverse team members who come from around the world. This is an amazing opportunity to not only broaden your horizons but to celebrate the uniqueness of individuals and the many cultures that call Lakehead home.

Learn more about Module 4: There's No "I" in EDI

Module 5: Change Makers

Change MakersHave you completed Module 1 through Module 4? Are you ready to put your skills to use?  

More information for this module will be announced soon, stay tuned!

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