The Program

The NNEP is a nine month preparation program that will help you get the necessary skills and academic requirements you need to enter the nursing degree program at Lakehead University.

We’re here for you. Our mission is clear…

"To improve the health care of Aboriginal people by increasing the number of Aboriginal Nurses who would provide culturally appropriate care. The Native Nurses Entry Program provides access to a Baccalaureate Nursing Education for those of Aboriginal ancestry who do not meet the regular University entrance requirements."

The program at a glance

The program offers four academic preparation courses:
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
In addition, three special purpose courses are also offered:
  • Communications
  • Professional Orientation
  • Study Skills/Logical Reasoning
  • Field Placement

The NNEP combines traditional and western medical practices

The program is based on two semesters of twelve weeks each, as well as two weeks of field experience. You may choose to conduct your field experience in your own community or other Aboriginal health-care setting.

With the support of faculty, staff, peers, and the community, your successful completion of the program (with a minimum 70% average) will ensure your eligibility for admission to the Bachelor of Science Nursing degree program at Lakehead University.