Our Students

NNEP students come from all over Canada, and in some cases even farther! Most are adult students, many of whom have children. The majority of NNEP students choose to bring their families with them as they work through the NNEP program and then move on to the BScN degree program. Whether in Thunder Bay or back in the home community, family support is crucial to the overall success of NNEP students and graduates. The NNEP Student Handbook is an excellent resource that provides information about housing, health care, schools and daycare for those considering bringing their family. 
Most students find that getting back into the rhythm of things when back in school requires discipline, commitment, financial certainty, good time-management, and superb study skills. These are considerations that all potential NNEP students should be aware of. 

Each year, the NNEP class size ranges from about 15-30 students. All NNEP students take the same classes together. This helps to ensure that NNEP students experience their education in a stable and comfortable setting with solid peer support. For most students, the year goes by faster than they could have imagined possible!

Typically, students find Chemistry, Biology, Math, and English – in that order – the most challenging of the NNEP subjects. That is why recent upgrading in the science, within the last 5 years, is required. Next to being prepared for the sciences prior to admission into the NNEP, excellent attendance is the strongest indicator for ensuring passing grades (70%). For this reason, it is important that supports are in place so that, as a student, you can remain focused on your studies at all times. NNEP staff as well as staff in the Student Success Centre are always available for tutoring.

In addition to the academic aspect of university, there are as many cultural events on campus for Aboriginal students to participate in. Some of these are hosted by NNEP and others by Lakehead’s Aboriginal Cultural and Support Services department. Students can become as involved in these events as their time and interest permit.

Lakehead University Native Student Association

Aboriginal Awareness Centre