James Mason

Honours Bachelor of Music
Thunder Bay, ON

Lakehead University was an Ideal choice for me. It offered me an environment that I was comfortable with, a strong academic community, and allowed me to be close to nature and an integral part of the broader community. The Faculty of Music offered me the opportunity to work closely with instructors and faculty of the highest calibre, who were able and willing to take the time to explore my academic needs with a detail that could get lost in a larger environment. Due to the relatively small size of the program, the opportunity to explore outside of my discipline was available. Interacting, and cultivating life-long relationships, with people from other disciplines broadened my horizons, and augmented my education. Lakehead left me well prepared to further my education – first with a master’s degree in music, then a master’s degree in Library Sciences. Now, as a music librarian at the University of Toronto, I work with one of the largest collections of music in any library in Canada, and North America. Every day I spend with music and musicians.  Lakehead provided me with a launching board to a life in music.”