Britt Bailey skiing

Medicine, Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology
Thunder Bay, ON

Although everyone brings this point up I really feel I benefited from the small class sizes. It allowed me to develop a rapport with my professors and made seeking help and guidance easy. I enjoyed the academic side of my undergrad more because I always felt supported by the Lakehead faculty.

I was also able to get to know most of the students in my program. This was great from the perspective of student life as I met a lot of new people and remain good friends with many of them. It was also helpful academically as we would often all work together to solve problems or help each other out at times of need both inside and outside of school.

My undergraduate degree at Lakehead helped me develop a strong knowledge and skill base upon which I am now working to build my medical training. Academically, at Lakehead I was able to take a wide variety of courses that ranged from languages to advanced biochemistry, which helped me develop a well-rounded knowledge base. I was also able to take courses that focused on unique aspects of Northern Ontario's biology, chemistry and aboriginal culture.  As the Northern Ontario School of Medicine places an emphasis on learning to thrive in Northern Ontario, I really feel that the courses I took at Lakehead have, and continue to help me through my studies at NOSM.

 Participation in varsity sport has also prepared me in many ways for medical school. Perseverance, time management, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, and plain hard work are all essential aspects of competitive sport.  On a daily basis the skills I have developed through ski racing aid me in both school and life in general.

I ran on the cross-country running team under Kip Sigsworth in my last year of undergrad at Lakehead. I competed in the states as well as in Ontario. I also qualified to race on the team at the OUA championships in Ottawa. In addition,I competed on the cross-country team at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and races throughout the maritimes. 

 I raced on the Lakehead ski team all four years of my undergraduate degree. I participated in team training this year and raced locally however due to my time commitments with school I was not able to race and train as much as I would have liked to this past season.