Kaylee Busniuk

Honours Bachelor of Environmental Management
Thunder Bay, ON

I chose to attend Lakehead because it has one of the best programs for someone interested in environmental management and wildlife. It is practical and academic learning. I was drawn to Lakehead because of the entrance scholarships of which I received free tuition. 

In my Forest Soils and Water Class, we are required to dig soil pits, which are 1x1x1m cubes dug into the ground and what really struck me is when our professor climbed down into the pit and began to teach a “mini-lecture” from the pit. It struck me how different, committed and relatable our professors are and how lucky we are to have them teach us.

 One special opportunity, which I have been involved in, is the international field schools offered within my faculty. Last September I traveled to Finland and this coming September I will be travelling to Croatia and the Czech Republic with 15 of my classmates and two of our faculty members. During these trips we are able to learn about forestry and environmental management in other countries and can use that information to contrast with what we learn in Ontario.

Every (or almost every) program has its own club and events happening during the year. I chose to join LUFA (Lakehead University Forestry Association which is soon to be renamed), which runs various events throughout the year for the students of the Faculty of Natural Resources Management. LUFA allows students to have events to help to relieve stress that builds up throughout the year with events such as Euchre Tournaments or Symposium.

 Being a student at Lakehead has prepared me for the future by allowing me to gain relevant skills and information to my field of study (and hopefully my career path), which are put in place each summer through summer jobs. Last summer I worked at the Centre for Northern Forest Ecosystem Research and this summer I am working with Dr. Han Chen on an NSERC grant helping with research in the field of ecology.