Heather is wearing a hat and smiling at the camera

Master of Arts English, Specialization in Women's Studies 2009

Bigger is not always better! After attending large schools for my undergrad and now for my Ph.D., my best experience as a student has been at Lakehead when I completed my Masters. The department of Women's Studies is home to small class sizes, knowledgeable, dedicated, and kind professors, challenging curriculum, and a wonderful feeling of community.  

I attended Lakehead from September 2007 to May 2009, and completed a Masters of English with a specialization in Women's Studies. I am currently attending the University of Ottawa, and will defend my Ph.D. in Women's Studies in the spring of 2013. My dissertation explores the function of anger in contemporary Canadian and American women's literature. Thanks in part to my professors at Lakehead, I have also developed an interest in, and currently research, animal studies, feminist methodologies, women's legal issues, and gender in sport. I use my background in Women's Studies every day. Not only are feminist theories and methodologies central to my dissertation, the skill set I have developed in Women's Studies has allowed me to read and think critically, to get involved in political or activist projects, and to see many different sides of a debate.