Honours Bachelor of Social Work
Fort Frances, ON

The academic environment at Lakehead Orillia is very unique. Unlike other institutions Lakehead offers students small class sizes and an amazing campus environment unlike any other. Lakehead’s small community allows students to make good connections not only with new friends but with their professors as well. Many of the professors at Lakehead are on a first-name basis with their students.

One of my favourite professors, for example, is always willing to sit down and explain anything about his classes I did not understand. On several occasions I remember receiving detailed email messages from him that very clearly explained material from class. Sometimes this happened at 2 pm other times 2 am. This really shows his dedication to students.

Through LUSU (Lakehead University Student Union), I have been able to create the 'Xtrakariqular' Club. Through LUSU I was given funds to run new events and add to existing ones to create an amazing university experience. Ultimately S.X.C. was awarded the Rookie Club of the Year award for its active participation in student life around campus for its large contributions. Social action is very important to me and the profession (Social Work) I wish to enter. Through the creation of a club I was able to gain new and exciting experience at Lakehead. It allowed me to make new friends and also too gain valuable work experience which in the long run landed me an amazing summer job at the University.