Etobicoke, ON 

I chose Lakehead, Thunder Bay campus, due to the unique program I am in, but also due to its scenic campus, great entrance scholarship opportunities, and the greater distance from my hometown which provided me with the opportunity to create a whole new social life and live on my own.

The best part about Lakehead is its ability to adapt to every student’s individual needs. The influence of my professors is also seen in the involvement I have in our Natural Resources Student Society club as the president. Throughout the year, the club puts on a series of events for the Natural Resources Management students to provide social interactions between the different year levels and their professors as well as educational benefits. With this process, my professors continued to stand by me and aid in the preparations for large events and the direction the club must take to benefit the students the most. 

I had the opportunity to go to Finland in my third year field school for two weeks, which was an experience like no other. This was my first trip to Europe and I'm extremely glad I was able to go through school. It made it a more beneficial experience because Finland has a landscape similar to Canada to which I could apply my forestry background, but I also got to tour around Finland, be a part of its culture and have the time of my life through a school event.