South Korea

I had a lot of personal life crises happening in my second year of nursing in first semester, and my entire faculty was there to help me and guide me through to overcome my problems. Knowing that all my professors would be there to listen to me and help me through the four years of nursing was very comforting.

Music has always been a big part of my life, and as a student, I try to incorporate music into every day. I have befriended many music students, have taken music classes at Lakehead, and attended and played at open mic nights. I have taken a moccasin-making class every year since I was at Lakehead and will be running the classes next school term!

The pivotal experience I had at Lakehead would be working as a campus tour guide. Working as a campus tour guide, I was able to meet even more people and get to know Lakehead better. That has allowed me to look back and appreciate Lakehead so much more.