Chemistry (Health Stream) Graduate
Thunder Bay, ON
"I chose to come to Lakehead University because it offers the program that I am interested in, the class sizes are not too big, and the profs are always available to help. Not to mention I like living in Thunder Bay becauseit is a very beautiful city.Lakehead is the right university for me because it offers a diverse range of programs, the campus is the perfect size (easy to get around from class to class) and it has many opportunities for students to get involved in extra-curricular activities such as volunteering and sports.
The Chemistry program with the Health Science stream is a great program which mainly focuses on chemistry but allows the student to study the biology course that he/she prefers. It also involves a lab component in which you can apply your knowledge from the lessons learned in the lecture component.
My favourite place to hang out with friends would be the Outpost. The best spot for me to study would be the 2nd floor of the library. Outside of class I like to play sports such as soccer and I like to get together with my friends. "