HBA Gerontology / Psychology
Port Carling (Muskoka), ON

"Lakehead University had everything I was looking for when I decided to transfer from the previous university I attended. I chose Lakehead for the Gerontology program, small campus, small class sizes (where professors really do know your name!), course selection, and the beautiful outdoor sights that Thunder Bay has to offer. I love that the Gerontology program is interdisciplinary in nature, and I feel that I am learning about the whole picture from different perspectives instead of just using one perspective and being limited in that. This program has been a refreshing challenge. It has also been exciting and very rewarding, especially considering the increasing demand for careers in the field of gerontology as the baby boomers retire.

When it is nice out, one of the best places to study is outside on campus. Another place I like to study is in the ATAC building. There's always a quiet corner nearby! When I am not in class I work at a retirement home as a concierge. I am a Student Ambassador and help out with the new student Orientation program, as well as other events throughout the year. I also like to spin poi (fire), go on road trips, and go hiking on Thunder Bay's great nature trails.

Advice for new students: learn as much as you can! Sign up for a class that takes you out of your comfort zone, you will learn a lot from your self and also experience personal growth that you wouldn't have necessarily gotten from sticking to tried and true."