Scholarships & Financing

A university education is one of the most important investments you will make in your life, as it will be one that pays off for years to come.

At Lakehead University, we offer you an affordable and quality education that is far from ordinary. Paying for your tuition, fees and supplies is a reality of attending university, but at Lakehead we are committed to helping you fund your education. Annually, we give over $11 million to students to help with the costs involved in attending Lakehead. We can help you make your dreams come true.

Scholarships & Financial Aid:

Funding options exist to help you pay for your Lakehead degree. At Lakehead, we reward excellent academic performance with scholarships and assisting those with limited resources with bursaries. Check out our exceptional Entrance Scholarship and Entrance Bursary programs, along with other options.

We can also assist you with government funding programs, such as OSAP and other external sources.

Budgeting & Financial Planning:

Preparing financial plans and a budget is an important part of being a university student. We want you to be prepared to pay for your education so you can spend your time thriving in the classroom, and not worrying about your finances. The Student Awards & Financial Aid team can assist you. Check out some tips on how to get a head start in your budgeting.


Student inquiring about Financial Advice

Entrance Scholarships

Student and Advisor looking through Scholarship Options

Managing Debt

Student going through options with Lakehead assistance, utilizing "The Debt Free Graduate" book

Entrance Bursaries

Students learning how to apply for Bursaries