External Relations

Gifts-in-Kind Policy

Lakehead University accepts donations of books, artwork, equipment, software, and property.

The Office of University Advancement will be advised of all potential gifts-in-kind in order to assist with the process. The Dean of the user Faculty or the Chief Librarian will then evaluate the potential gift to ensure that it is of value to them and meets the mission and needs of Lakehead University.

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Fundraising: Approval of Sponsorship

Read the full policy on Fundraising: Approval of Sponsorship
Fundraising: Approval of Solicitation


Prospect Management is a critical component in the identification, cultivation, solicitation, recognition, and stewardship of private funding sources, that is, donors and sponsors, through a centralized and managed process. A centralized system for Lakehead University ensures that:
  • Funding opportunities can be maximized to the greatest benefit of Lakehead overall;
Read the full policy on Fundraising: Approval of Solicitation