Examinations: Past Finals (Available to Students)

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Effective Date: 
March 23, 1994 [Revised March 30, 2001]

Resolved that Senate approve the following recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee:

that Lakehead University continue to make past final examinations available to students.   All final undergraduate examinations will be in the Library unless they are exempted by 1 or 2 below:

1.  Final examinations in 0 (see note #2), 1, and 2 year designation courses will be exempt, only if the instructor adheres to the exemption process outlined below.

2.  Final examinations in 3, 4, and 5 year designated courses will be exempted by the same exemption process except that the instructor need only notify the Dean and no rationale is required.  That is (a) and (d) noted below under "exemption process" are not required.

3.  The examination file will be maintained as a three year rolling file.
Exemption Process:
(a)  Exemptions must be approved by the appropriate Dean upon recommendations by the Chair/ Director.
(b)  Exemptions will be made on an exam-by-exam basis.  There will  be no omnibus exemptions for an instructor.
(c)  A request for any exemption must be accompanied by a prototypical (mock) examination which will be retained in the Library.
(c)  An exemption will be considered only if the applicant provides a rationale based on the nature of the course or material which would make it difficult to develop new examination questions.  The rationale must be supported by a written recommendation from the Chair/Director.
(e)  Requests for exemptions must be submitted to the Dean within one month after the date on which the examination is written.

1.  If an exemption is granted for an examination, must it be renewed each year?
While there will be no omnibus exemptions for a given instructor, once an exemption is granted for an examination, it remains in effect for three years unless the instructor requests otherwise.  After three years, the mock examination will be removed from the Library and request for a new exemption must be forwarded following the above process (including the submission of another mock examination).  It is noted exemptions are granted for specific courses, not all courses taught by an instructor.
Should a course which has fallen under the policy be assigned to a new instructor, that course will be treated as a new course and the relevant policy regulations will apply.

2.  What if a zero level course is an upper year course?

There are upper year courses which are designated as zero leave.  For such courses, the appropriate Deans should provide the Registrar's Office with a list of the course, and these will be viewed as all other upper year courses are under the policy.

3.  Instructors are reminded that if they do not use the University process to print their exams, they are still required to submit two copies to the Registrar's Office.