Examinations: Invigilation

Policy Category: 
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Effective Date: 
March 26, 1994

Resolved that,


  1. Students shall be admitted to the examination room ten (10) minutes before the examination is scheduled to commence.
  2. No student may enter the examination after the end of the first one third (1/3) of the allowed examination time. No student may leave the examination before the end of the first one-third (1/3) of the allowed examination time, even if he/she has finished the examination.
  3. Students shall start writing and cease writing as instructed by the Chief Invigilator.
  4. Students must place their I.D. cards on the desk, or be able to establish their identities in a manner satisfactory to the invigilator and sign the attendance sheet when presented to them.
  5. Students shall not communicate with one another in any manner whatsoever during the examinations.
  6. Unless specifically stated on the examination paper, or previously approved by the invigilator concerned, there is to be no material in the form of books, notes, portable cassette recorders etc. available to the student, save that issued to him/her by an invigilator.
  7. Any student leaving the examination shall do so with the least distraction to the students still working. Students shall not congregate outside the examination room.
  8. It is the student's responsibilities to ensure that his/her paper has been submitted to the appropriate invigilator by the end of the examination period.
  9. Students who do not comply by the examination regulations are subject to disciplinary action under the Code of Student Behaviour.


  1. The Registrar shall appoint a Chief Invigilator for each examination.
  2. The Chief Invigilator is responsible for the conduct of the examinations and the enforcement of examination regulations.
  3. The Chief Invigilator shall insure that all examinations to be written in his/her time period have been received from Security. The Chief Invigilator shall notify the Registrar if the examinations are not delivered.
  4. The Chief Invigilator shall notify the Registrar of the absence of an invigilator.
  5. The Chief Invigilator shall announce the emergency exit locations at the beginning of each examination.
  6. Announcements regarding the examinations must be made by, the Chief Invigilator. The Chief lnvigilator shall announce the starting time and the finishing time of each examination. The starting time shall be recorded on the chalkboard.
  7. Each Instructor will circulate a class list for signature and retain the list for one year.


  1. Each faculty member shall be responsible for the invigilation of his/her examination and if necessary, for arranging an alternate invigilator.
  2. When an examination is held in a location other than the Fieldhouse the invigilator shall pick up the examination from the Office of the Registrar at lease one hour prior to the examination.
  3. Each invigilator shall set out his/her examination prior to the students' entry time.
  4. If an instructor cannot invigilate the examination, he/she shall notify the Registrar of his/her replacement in writing at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the examination.
  5. In an emergency the instructor shall notify the Registrar of his/her ability to invigilate the examination.