In Memoriams

Resolved that the chair/director of the academic unit in which the deceased was a member prepares and presents a brief biographical statement which gives the life dates, appointment and promotion dates and major academic achievements; and that following the statement the Senate Chair shall call for an appropriate period in memoriam silence.


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Flags, Half-Masting
All flags shall be flown at half-mast from the time of the announcement to sunset on the day of the funeral upon the death of:
(a) The Sovereign
(b) The Governor General
(c) The Prime Minister
(d) A local Federal Representative
(a) The Lieutenant Governor
(b) The Provincial Premier
(c) The Minister of Colleges and Universities
(d) A local Provincial Representative
(a) The Mayor
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Academic Dress for Diploma Students
Resolved that Lakehead University adopt small hoods as part of the academic dress for diploma students.
Resolved that the small hoods have the two University colours edged by the appropriate colour for the program as follows:
Light Blue:
Native Teach Education
Native Language
Forest Green: 
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