Sustainable Building Policy

1.0 Purpose:

This policy states Lakehead University's commitment to environmental, economic and social stewardship through sustainable building practices for University buildings and facilities.  This policy is being implemented:

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Proper Use of University Property


Lakehead University assets are to be used for the benefit of the institution. Assets can be both tangible (such as buildings, furniture, equipment, vehicles, supplies, computer systems, tools and funds) as well as intangible (such as intellectual property, patents, work time, use of facilities and services). University assets also include those assets purchased with Research funds.

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Policy on Campus Signage


The purpose of the Policy is to ensure that all newly produced signs adhere to established design standards. The Policy outlines the procedure for requesting the development and installation of new signs as well as the process for reporting signage that should be replaced due to wear and tear.
Campus signs are a major element of the institutional brand and must conform with the University's visual identity protocol. All signs, regardless of application or when they were produced, should be consistent and adhere to standards.
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Naming of Property Policy


Policy Statement

As the need for private donations to the University continues to increase, there is an opportunity for Lakehead University to facilitate gifts by naming University structures, assets, programs, endowments and other funds in honour of significant financial contributors to the University. 

This policy shall govern the naming or renaming of university property:

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The University equips each faculty office with the following furnishings:
  • 1 desk
  • 1 arm chair
  • 2 side chairs
  • 1 two-tier mail tray
  • 1 file cabinet
  • 1 waste basket
  • 18' of wall shelving (or a steel cabinet of comparable size)
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Fixed Asset Control

The University has acquired a considerable value in buildings, furniture and equipment since its incorporation. Many items are considered to be "at risk" i.e. of value to others, and in order that there may be some measure of control over the retention of these items, the following policy is necessary.

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Disposal of Property
(see also: Research: Disposal of Equipment)

It is the policy of the University to encourage the disposal of obsolete or unusable property and to utilize the funds to further the purposes of the University. In order to ensure that the interests of both the individual unit and the University are being served on all disposal transactions, the following regulations shall apply:

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