Staff Vacation Policy (Senior Management)

Policy Category: 
Human Resources
Approved By: 
Priorities and Planning Group
Effective Date: 
January 2012

1.  Policy 
Lakehead University strives to provide a healthy workplace that supports a work/life balance and provides employees with periods of uninterrupted time away from their jobs and work related duties. The purpose of this policy is to provide a consistent approach to managing vacation.  It is the responsibility of the employee and his/her supervisor to schedule and take vacation at a mutually agreeable time.  
2. Scope
This policy applies to eligible members of the University Community's non-unionized Senior Management group reporting to the President or a Vice-President and who are not covered under the listing of Schedule II positions or Technical Staff. 
3. Policy Guidelines

  • For the purpose of this policy a vacation year runs from January 01 to December 31.  Senior Management receive all vacation credits on January 01 of each year.
  • Senior Management annual vacation entitlements are calculated as follows:
    • Upon hiring to 17th year of completed service - 20 days per year unless specified otherwise in the contract of employment   (Note: pro-rated entitlement applied in initial year of hire)
    • 17th year of completed service - 25 days per year
    • 25th year of completed service - 26 days per year
    • 26th year of completed service and thereafter - 27 days per year  
  • Vacation credits shall not be cumulative and cannot be accumulated from year to year and shall expire with the end of the calendar year (December 31).  All vacation credits shall be taken in the year in which they are earned. 
3.1        Employees of the Senior Management Group having accumulated vacation carry over credits prior to the implementation of this revised policy (January 1, 2012), shall have his/her credits recognized and available for future use.  However,  effective January 1, 2012  an employee  will not be allowed to increase his/her carry-over total for any reason and the appropriate Vice-President  shall be expected to put a plan in place for employees which will systematically reduce existing carry-over entitlements.
3.2       Employees will be paid during the vacation periods but there shall be no remuneration in lieu of vacation in the event that the employee fails to take his/her vacation entitlement.
3.3       At the request of the employee, vacation credits may be applied to absence due to illness after expiration of sick leave benefits. 
3.4       Employees who leave the employment of the University shall receive pay in lieu of unused earned vacation.