Staff Development

Policy Category: 
Human Resources
Approved By: 
Priorities and Planning Group
Effective Date: 
13 June 1972 [Revised October 1989; July 2004; September 2008]


It is the policy of the University to encourage the personal development of its staff in the interests of promoting internal growth and enhanced administration.


While it is true that only the individual can be responsible for his or her own development, the University believes it has a responsibility to create an environment in which individuals will feel encouraged to develop their capabilities. Towards this end, the University expects its Departmental supervisors to:

  • consider the development of their staff as a prime duty and responsibility,
  • assure maximum opportunity for promotions,
  • encourage staff members to develop their abilities.

In furtherance of these goals:

It is the policy of the University to fill new positions or those becoming vacant from within the staff, when qualified members are desirous of and available for promotions. (See Recruitment Policy)


A full time staff member (contract employees are ineligible) who enrols in a course of study

  • outside of working hours (an exception may be made if the course is a prerequisite for the member's job position),
  • with the prior approval of his or her Department Head, and
  • the authorization of the Director of Human Resources
  • shall be granted consideration as follows:
  • for a Lakehead University 'credit' course - see 'Tuition Waiver Policy",
  • for a non-university course that is job related, 75% of tuition fees (up to a maximum of $500.00 annually) will be paid to the employee (providing the employee is still employed) on presentation of proof of successful completion of the course to Human Resources.