Recruitment, Selection, Hiring (Non-Academic)

Policy Category: 
Human Resources
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Effective Date: 
13 June 1972 [Revised October 1989; October 2011; November 26, 2012]


To describe a process which reflects due diligence when hiring and replacing staff in order to ensure all financial and organizational implications are carefully studied and considered. 


It is the policy of the University to:

1. employ salaried personnel best suited to the required qualifications of the position within the confines of established salaries and legal interests; and,

2. have departmental supervisors conduct an operational requirements assessment once a vacancy occurs.  This assessment will provide an opportunity to consider redesign or restructuring of current departmental processes and determine personnel requirements -with the ultimate objective to optimize resources.


It is the intent of this policy to establish recruiting, selection and hiring standards to be used by department heads to ensure the foregoing objectives.


The Human Resources Department is responsible for coordinating the recruitment and selection of non-academic personnel.  

The following Approval Process must be completed for all non-academic full-time and contract positions of twelve (12) months in duration or longer. 

The Approval Process is not required for the following positions; those financed through research funds or external funding agencies, contract positions shorter than twelve (12) months, leaves such as maternity/parental, sick, LTD, unpaid, or education. 


1. a) When vacancies occur in non-academic full-time or contract positions at least twelve (12) months in duration, it is the responsibility of the department head to conduct an operational requirements assessment to identify:

  • The necessity to continue the position with the same list of responsibilities
  • Continue the position with a modified list of responsibilities
  • Conclude the vacated position and create a new position that is relevant to current requirements
  • Determine that the vacant position’s activities are largely redundant and abolish the position  
  • Reassign responsibilities among other departmental positions in order to effectively utilize resources

b) New positions will only be created upon satisfaction of the following criteria:

  • A review of the departmental unit has demonstrated that duties envisioned for a new position cannot be handled within the existing staff complement
  • An illustrated need for the new position is articulated in the Request to Fill a Non-Academic Position (RTF) form  

2.      The department head will then complete an updated Job Fact Sheet (JFS) for the position(s).   The JFS will then be submitted to Human Resources for approval and returned to the department so that it can continue through the process with the RTF.

3.      The department head proceeds by completing the RTF. Personnel needs resulting from the operational requirements assessment, including budgetary implications due to expected salary changes, must be indicated on the RTF.  The department head will then submit the RTF accompanied by an updated JFS to their supervisor for approval. If approval is granted, the supervisor will bring it forward to the Vice President to which they report.

4.      The Vice President will present these documents to the Staffing Review Committee, consisting of the Provost, the VP Admin and Finance and the Senior Advisor to the President who in turn will provide a recommendation to the President. The recommendation will typically be one of the following;

  • Endorse filling the position
  • Endorse filling the position at a particular point in time
  • Defer decision and reintroduce as part of the budget process 
  • Recommend a further departmental review 

Once the President has granted approval for the position, Human Resources will be given the RTF and JFS to proceed with the Recruitment Process.  



1.      Upon receipt of an approved RTF and Job Fact Sheet by Human Resources, the Human Resources Officer will contact the department head to establish an advertising strategy. 

2.      Should the position have been evaluated within the previous five years, and the JFS indicates that responsibilities have not changed, the position will proceed with the established level and corresponding salary scale.  Instances where the position has not been evaluated within the previous five years or substantial changes to the JFS have occurred; the position will be evaluated to ensure that compensation scales are appropriate and equitable.

3.      Applications will typically be received by the campus where the vacancy exists. 

4.      During the advertising period it is the responsibility of the department to establish the following five items:

i) an appropriate selection committee

ii) a primary screening process according to minimum requirements

iii) a secondary screening criteria to determine interview pool

iv) interview questions applicable to the position

v) candidate evaluation criteria

These five items need to be reviewed by Human Resources prior to the applications being submitted to the department. Once Finalized, the department head will follow through with the screening process either individually or in partnership with another selection committee member.

5.      A listing of candidates to be interviewed will be submitted to Human Resources for joint review of candidate eligibility according to screening criteria.  This process will be completed prior to the candidates being contacted for an interview.

6.      Upon agreement between Human Resources and the hiring department, the short-listed candidates will be contacted by the department head to book an interview.

7.      Upon completion of interviews, the selection committee will present their recommendation accompanied by justification to the department head.

8.      Human Resources will then be notified in order to conduct a salary calculation for the preferred candidate to determine a starting salary.

9.      The department head will offer the position verbally and if accepted, will establish a start date for new incumbent. The results of this exchange will be relayed to Human Resources in order to draft a letter of offer.

10.  The letter of offer will be sent to the applicant to be signed and returned to Human Resources.  The department head will work the new employee to confirm details surrounding the employees first day of work. 



1. Union position vacancies will be posted by the Human Resources Department as per the terms of the union contract.

2. Non-union position vacancies will be advertised internally by the Human Resources Department coincident with, or prior to, any outside advertising.

3. The cost of advertising for recruiting purposes shall be charged to the hiring department.

4. Expenses incurred for transporting a candidate to either Lakehead campus will be subject to the provisions and limitations set out in the Travel & Hospitality Expense Policy.