Paid Holidays, Full Time Employees unless otherwise excluded via collective agreement

Policy Category: 
Human Resources
Approved By: 
Effective Date: 
November 1978 [Revised November 2003; February 2008]

The University recognizes the following as paid holidays:
New Year's Day
 Civic Holiday 
Family Day 
 Labour Day 
Good Friday
 Thanksgiving Day 
Easter Monday
 Christmas Day
Victoria Day
 Boxing Day 
Canada Day

And three (3) days in conjunction with the Christmas Holiday period as designated by the University. These latter three (3) days shall be considered as days off with pay but not as paid holidays for premium pay purposes. An employee required to work on any of these latter three (3) days shall be paid at straight time for all hours worked, or shall be given alternate time off with pay, equivalent to the hours worked, as mutually agreeable to the employee and the employee's supervisor.