Faculty Staffing

Policy Category: 
Human Resources
Approved By: 
Effective Date: 
26 February 1985

In order to provide guidelines to the Senate Budget Committee in considering staff requests and in order to provide advice to the President from the Senate Academic Committee, Senate approved the following guidelines relating to faculty staffing requests:

  1. unless a recommendation for an exemption is given by the Senate Academic Committee, all faculty appointments be at a junior rank and probationary appointments be offered only to appointees who, in addition to identifiable teaching skills, have clearly indicated research and scholarly potential;

  2. in areas which are eligible for NSERC research support, consideration should be given to the appointment of NSERC University Research Fellows with a view to phasing them in as faculty members over a period of years; and,

  3. cross-appointments between Departments, and even Faculties, be encouraged where desirable and feasible.