Employment Practices, General, Non-Academic

Policy Category: 
Human Resources
Approved By: 
Effective Date: 
September 1972
It is the policy of the University to promote fair and equitable employment practices.


It is the intent of this policy to establish guidelines in employment which are fair to all and conducive to optimum employee satisfaction and performance.

1. Discrimination
There will be no discrimination in employment of University personnel in regard to race, national or ethnic origin, sex, colour, religion, marital status, or age.
In view of the foregoing, it is desirable that employment interviews be conducted by qualified personnel, conversant with prevailing Federal and Provincial employment legislation and existing labour contracts.
2. Employee Preference (Promotions, Vacancies, etc.)
Given equal qualifications, Lakehead University employees will be given preference in promotions and the filling of vacancies. To ensure that this condition has been adequately met, position profiles should be submitted to the Human Resources Department for comparison with employee records. The files of candidates meeting these qualifications will then be referred to the specific supervisor.
3. Employment of Relations
In no instance should relations be employed in the same department in the relative positions of employee and supervisor (present incumbents excluded).