Employment of Former Personnel

Policy Category: 
Human Resources
Approved By: 
Effective Date: 
11 June 1974
It is the policy of Lakehead University to seek out and employ the best available personnel for whatever vacancies occur.
In pursuit of this objective a former University employee being re-employed in the same or similar capacity as formerly occupied may be remunerated on the following basis:
  1. If re-employed within one year of termination salary will be the grade level and progression step (or equivalent grade level in the event of a revised schedule) as was effective on termination.
  2. If re-employed after one year of separation, salary will be one progression step lower than was effective on termination.

This should not be viewed as a blanket re-employment policy. Each instance should be judged on its own merits as follows:
  1. The employee must be re-employed in the same or equivalent position.
  2. The vacancy to be filled must qualify as a key position to which the employee can bring above average experience and skill.
  3. Since labour relations may be a factor, all such cases should be reviewed in consultation with the Human Resources Department.