Waste Disposal

Policy Category: 
Health and Safety
Approved By: 
President Rosehart
Effective Date: 
24 January 1990

Hazardous waste can only be disposed of through approved channels and it is imperative that all such wastes be suitably contained, properly labelled, and properly disposed of.
Labels must show:

  • the date the waste was generated.
  • the type of waste, i.e., liquid, acid, solvent, solid, gas, etc.
  • if waste is a mixture, the percentage of the ingredients must be noted.
  • known hazards of the waste.
  • full name of the person who generated the waste, i.e., researcher or department.
  • name of the supervisor and his/her location.
  • incompatibility of waste to other chemical and/or substance.

A call to the Human Resources office, Ext. 8671, will provide the specific documentation and details for the relocation process of the unwanted waste.
All disposal costs will be carried by the University and there will be no charge to the waste generators, thus there should be no reason to dispose of hazardous waste in an unapproved manner.
Failure to observe this directive could mean that legal action could be brought against the University and the individual responsible for improper waste disposal.