Nominations Process

Approved By: 
Board of Governors
Effective Date: 
October 4, 2013

Board of Governors

Nominations Process

The Governance & Nominating Committee has been delegated the following responsibilities as per its Terms of Reference:

  • To review, monitor, and recommend to the Board revisions or enhancements to Board organization, policies, procedures and Board performance, an provide stewardship on University governance integrity;
  • To review the skills and experience required on the Board and identify to the Board candidates as prospective Governors, to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of the Board in accordance with the Board mandate, Board Governance Operating Principles and strategic plans of the University; and
  • On an annual basis, to recruit, screen and recommend for consideration to the Board a roster of candidates for election to the Board in keeping with the Board approved Nomination Process.

Following the Annual meeting of the Board, the Chair of the Board and the Secretary will start the nominations process by identifying the challenges, opportunities, and the course of action that the Board will likely pursue in the next few years and present this to the Governance & Nominating Committee. 

Prior to soliciting for interest and/or advertising for individuals to fill vacancies, the Board Governance and Nominating Committee will identify the needs of the Board and/or Standing Committees. 

Annually, the Committee will solicit from the Board members continuing on the Board their choices for serving on Standing Committees.

Candidates must possess the qualifications, the experience, and the commitment required to govern an institution of the size, complexity and reputation of Lakehead University. Knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of fields are preferred in order that the duties of the Board can be discharged effectively. In addition, the Committee will recommend appointments that, as much as possible, avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Within the context of the tasks related to the recommendations of new members and Standing Committee appointments, the Board of Governors strives for a diverse membership reflective of the population it serves. The Committee first takes a look at the membership in terms of sensitivity to balance and then to the skills set required.

Appointments are made respecting the Lakehead University Act, Lakehead University Bylaws, and the Lakehead University Board Operating Principles.