Deputations by Appointment at Open Board Meetings of the Lakehead University Board of Governors

Policy Category: 
Approved By: 
Board of Governors
Effective Date: 
April 27, 2012 (Reviewed 2015)
Policy Statement
The Lakehead University Board of Governors provides for deputations by appointment from interested parties in the University community at open meetings of the Board of Governors according to the guidelines set out below. The Chair of the Board will oversee deputation appointments at Board meetings in keeping with this Policy, relevant legislation, Board Bylaws, and University policies.
1. The purpose of the deputation by appointment is for the Board to provide the opportunity for individuals and organizations in its internal and external communities to express their interests on specific matters in a timely and orderly way directly to the Board.
2. Deputation appointments will be scheduled for approximately 15 minutes. Generally deputations will be scheduled at the beginning of the meeting. The Board will schedule as many deputations as meeting time will allow. The Deputations by Appointment Form must be submitted to the University Secretary in advance of the deputation presentation.Although not required, deputations may include electronic or hard copies of material to support a more comprehensive presentation.
3. In the Board's efforts to gather information, thoughts, concerns, and perspectives of interested parties in advance of its deliberations, Board members will have the opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification from those presenting.
4. At its discretion, the Board will determine when it considers the information and concerns presented in the deputation. During the deputation, Board members will not opine about or debate the merit of information received.
5.  If any follow up is required by the Board, it will be done by the Chair of the Board or designate after it has considered the information presented along with other relevant information it is taking into account on the matter.
Policy Review
This policy shall be reviewed by the Board of Governors and amended as necessary in three years from its approval date.