Pets on Campus Policy

Policy Category: 
Approved By: 
Priorities and Planning Group
Effective Date: 
August 24, 1999 [Revised 5 October 2012]

Policy Statement

Lakehead University is committed to providing an attractive, clean and safe environment. To assist in the achievement of these objectives, the University will regulate the presence of pets on each of its campuses.

For the purpose of this policy, pets are defined as any domestic or tamed animals, birds, snakes, reptiles and amphibians.   

Service animals are excluded from this policy and are welcome on campus  (Please refer to the “Provision of University Goods and Services to Persons with Disabilities” for further information about service animals on campus.)


1.1 Effective Date

These regulations become effective September 1, 1999, and apply to all persons bringing pets on campus. These regulations are in effect 24 hours per day throughout the year.

1.2 Buildings

Pets are not permitted in any University building, including residence buildings. The only exception to this prohibition pertains to service animals.

1.3 Grounds

Pets on the campus grounds must be leashed and under the control of their owner at all times. All animal excrement must be picked up by the owner and may only be discarded on campus if it is placed in waste containers.

No pets may be tied up outside buildings or left unattended on campus. Stray animals or those left unattended will be reported and removed by local animal control services. Any costs incurred in the removal or retrieval of a pet shall be the owner's responsibility.

1.4 Signage

Signage will indicate that pets are not allowed in buildings nor are they to be tied, left unattended or permitted to run at large.

1.5 Special Events

In special circumstances, approval may be obtained from the Manager of Security Services in Thunder Bay, or Associate Vice-Provost in Orillia, for animals to be brought on campus for a singular event involving the display or demonstration of specialized skills or natural behaviours.

1.6 Confinement in Vehicles

Pets may be confined in vehicles parked on campus for a reasonable period of time, as long as the animal is not endangered and does not endanger others or create a public nuisance, e.g. excessive barking. In the event of endangerment to the animal or others, local animal control services will be contacted for appropriate action.

1.8 Enforcement

All members of the University community are expected to comply with this policy. Security Services is responsible for the enforcement of these regulations. Any questions regarding the implementation of this policy should be directed to the Vice-President (Administration and Finance).

Employees and students who fail to comply with this policy and its regulations will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

1.9 Policy Review

The Vice-President (Administration and Finance) will review this policy within five years.