Historical Information on Lakehead University

Policy Category: 
Approved By: 
President Rosehart
Effective Date: 
29 January 1988


This policy has been established for the preservation of historical documents on Lakehead University and cooperation is needed in putting this policy into practice. At this time the Chancellor Paterson Library is prepared to accept a limited amount of historical material for storage in the Library.

This is not a request that all excess documents be sent to the Library. Normal storage places and practices are to be maintained. As you run out of space, sort through the oldest stored material, put it in appropriate order, label it and make arrangements through the Chief Librarian for the Library to receive it. The Library cannot store all of your old documents. The material which is of interest in the establishment of archives on Lakehead University and which should be preserved includes:

  1. correspondence, reports, minutes, registers, directives, announcements, publications, programs and schedules of University events, audio-visual material depicting the development of the University, architectural and building plans, and mementos (These records give evidence about the functions, policies and decisions of the University);
  2. publications of student, employee and alumni groups, societies and organizations. (These records reflect the life of Lakehead University, but are not included in the official records).

If you have any questions about the policy or its implementation please contact the Chief Librarian.