Athletic Advisory Board

Policy Category: 
Approved By: 
Effective Date: 
November 24, 1983
Resolved that,
1. the Registrar produce revised eligibility lists as soon as possible after the winter registration period, and that these lists be sent to the Athletic Director and Coaches of varsity teams.

2. Senate devise appropriate definitions for full and part-time undergraduate students, and that these definitions be placed in the section on general regulations in the Calendar.

3.1 Senate recommends to the President, of this University, 
a) That for each sport an upper limit should be prescribed for the number of exhibition, tournament, and league games exclusive of playoffs in which Lakehead University may participate in an academic year,

b) That the Athletic Advisory Board be asked for its advice about appropriate upper limits for each sport,

c) That the prescribed upper limits be included in the Coach's Manual of Lakehead University, and

d) That Lakehead University make representation to GPAC to include in its regulations upper limits on the number of exhibition, tournament, and league games exclusive of playoffs in which each member institution may participate in an academic year.
3.2 Senate recommends to the President, of this University, that the Athletic Director be required to submit the proposed Varsity Schedules to the Deans-Registrar Committee for consideration prior to the submission for budget approval.

3.3 Senate recommends to the President, of this University, that varsity athletic commitments and modes of travel be scheduled so that absence from campus during class time be kept to a minimum and in no case to exceed more than one day per ten teaching days.

4.1 Senate recommend that the Athletic Director in conjunction with the Athletic Advisory Board develop a written statement for inclusion in the Coach's Manual that treats the topic of the Coach's responsibility with respect to the academic performance of student athletes.

4.2 procedures be developed to empower the Registrar to send to each Coach a copy of the grades of the student athletes on his/her team at mid-term and at the end of the academic session.

4.3 Senate recommend to the President that orientation sessions be organized for all new part-time coaches by the Athletic Director, and that the topic of academic performance be included in these sessions.

5.1 Athletic Awards be made to those continuing full-time students who are eligible to continue in the same program in which they were registered the previous year.

5.2 the recommendation be referred to the Senate Undergraduate Scholarship and Bursary Committee for their recommendation.

6.1 the student readmitted to another program following failure in a first program continue to be eligible to participate in interuniversity sport.

6.2 the eligibility status of the readmitted student be reconsidered in the 1985-86 academic year at which time the current academic success rule will have been in place for three years.

7.1 Senate establish an Ad Hoc Committee, consisting of the four Faculty Deans, the Registrar, and two faculty members to examine university regulations with respect to program failure.

7.2 the matter be referred to the Senate Executive Committee with a view to the setting up of an Ad Hoc Committee to examine the academic regulations.

8. Senate encourage the Athletic Advisory Board:
a) to conduct a study of the role of athletics, particularly intramural athletics, in the life of university students, and

b) to make its conclusion available to the Senate.