ATAC Plasma Screen Policy

Policy Category: 
Approved By: 
Priorities and Planning Group
Effective Date: 
March 2, 2004 [Revised 17 October 2006]

There are Plasma Screens located around campus. The screens are used primarily to inform the University community of events happening within or outside the campus involving faculty, students, or staff. These include lectures, conferences, exhibits, seminars, press conferences, public forums, and book launches - all manner of activities that bring honour and prestige to the University, as well as encourage participation from the campus and the public.
This policy provides guidelines on content and process, and will ensure optimum use of the screens as a tool for disseminating information efficiently and effectively.
The plasma screens may be used for two types of communication:
1. Information: News and events such as exhibits, lectures, seminars, athletic competitions, scholarships, awards, etc.
2. Advertising: Advertisers of products acceptable within the context of a university environment; these may include educational equipment, electronics, clothing, sporting goods, hospitality, etc. Advertising for cigarettes and liquor will not be accepted. Advertising costs are available from the Office of Communications (OOC); OOC reserves the right to refuse products or companies that are not deemed suitable to Lakehead's image and reputation
1. Posting Process: Requests for posting as well as advertising space reservations are made via the Office of Communications; the process is outlined below
2. Duration: Information-type notices will be on the screens for a week; advertising will be up in weekly or monthly increments depending on contracts
1. Submission - Standard information. Material must be submitted to the Office of Communications c/o the Communications Officer ( no later than Friday 9:00 a.m. for inclusion in Monday's material
2. Submission - Advertisements. Material must be submitted as per the above deadline, in a ready-to-publish format as follows:
Still Image:
  • image size: 660 pixels wide by 450 pixels high
  • bit-map 8 (bmp 8) or
  • bit-map 24 (bmp 24)
  • Minimum image width - 352 pixels wide by 240 pixels high (RECOMMENDED)
  • Maximum image width - 660 pixels wide by 450 pixels high
  • File format: Mpeg II
A signed contract is required; OOC reserves the right to limit the number of ads at any given time. Ads will run as standalone ads. Contact the OOC for ad rates.
3. Modifications: No modifications will be allowed to content mid-week unless "critical"; this will be determined at the discretion of the Office of Communications with direction from the President
4. Time-sensitive material: No material that is time/place-sensitive such as classes/classroom changes may be accepted at this time, as the software currently does not allow quick and easy changes; however, this will be reviewed as the software is upgraded
5. Human Resource: A minimum of four dedicated hours each Friday afternoon are required to prepare material for Monday posting; this time requirement will be reviewed and adjusted once the software has been upgraded
6. Technical Support: TSC will provide technical support to the Office of Communications on an ongoing basis to ensure that the screens operate at optimum capacity
All non-advertising submissions must adhere to the format below; for Advertising submissions, please refer to 'Process - Point 2 - Submissions Advertisements':
1. Name of event
2. One-line description, if needed
3. Date(s) taking place
4. Location - Building, Room #
5. Contact name & Phone number
6. Indication if event is free; if not, indicate cost
Queries may be directed to the Office of Communications at 343-8177.