Appraisals and Accreditations - Final Report

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Effective Date: 
September 28 1992 [Revised 29 September 2000]
Resolved that all initial submissions and final reports for all internal and external program appraisals and accreditation processes be filed in the Office of the Vice-President (Academic) in the case of undergraduate programs and the Office of Graduate Studies and Research for graduate programs. These offices will make any or all of the information available to relevant Senate committees (e.g. Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee for undergraduate reviews and Senate Budget Committee for resource allocation) as requested. Individual Senators may read the submissions and reports in the Office of the Vice-President (Academic) or Graduate Studies and Research as appropriate, but the material may not be removed and copies may not be made .
This policy addresses both the issue of allowing for an informed governing body and the protection of information that is private and confidential to departments and faculty.

Senators are reminded that these reports contain sensitive information and that indiscriminate dissemination or publication of the information could have serious implications for the academic unit and the University. It is expected, then, that Senators and Committee members exercise caution, and when necessary, respect the confidentiality of the information.