Distribution of Net Tuition Revenue for International Students

Policy Category: 
Approved By: 
Planning and Priorities Group
Effective Date: 
April 30, 2012
Tuition Revenue Allocation for International Students

The intent of this policy is to describe the basis for allocating the increased Tuition Revenue arising from the International Recruitment initiative.

Net Tuition Revenue: 
For the purposes of this policy net tuition revenue is the total tuition revenue from international students minus payments to agents.
This policy applies to the increase in international tuition revenue since April 30, 2011.   There were approximately 100 international fee-paying students at that date. As a result tuition revenue from 100 international students, referred to as the base amount, is not affected by this policy and will be allocated directly to general revenue.

Net tuition revenue for any fiscal year will be used to calculate the allocation for the following year:
1.      5% will be directed to provide student financial aid for international students.
2.     25% will be added to the faculty budgets.
3.      70% will be allocated to general revenue. Of this allocation, no less than half will be used to pay for the direct costs of  International operations including administration, student  services and marketing
This policy will be reviewed in one year.

1.      The faculty portion will be prorated on the basis of the total international enrolment including enrolment for students who are currently outside the scope of this policy.
2.      Students will be credited to the faculty on the basis of the major chosen.
3.      The Faculty Dean will determine how the revenue is to be used subject to the proviso that this will not, initially, be used for long-term investments including permanent positions.
4.      The Provost will determine the split of the funds for student support between graduate and undergraduate.