Process for Selection Contribution to Teaching Award

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January 25, 2008 [Revised 29 Jan 2010]
The Contribution to Teaching Award has been established to recognize high levels of teaching performance. Up to six awards are given annually.
Recipients of the Contribution to Teaching Award will be publicly recognized at Senate, and will receive a monetary award of $100.00 each.
a) All faculty members (full-time and contract) are eligible to be nominated, but they must have taught for at least four terms at Lakehead University (including the Orillia campus). Members currently on the Senate Teaching and Learning Committee are ineligible.
b) A faculty member may receive only one award every three years.
Nominations of faculty for an award are to be made by groups of at least five students prior to February 15th. The nomination involves completion of the nomination form and attachment of a letter from the nominating group summarizing the significance of the nominee’s contributions according to the criteria listed below. (Note that nominees are not expected to meet all of the criteria, but should indicate how they meet as many of them as possible.) Eligible nominees will be notified by the Associate Vice-President (Academic).
Nominees will accept the nomination by submitting a teaching dossier (maximum of ten pages) prior to March 31st. The teaching dossier should include the following:
  • A statement of teaching philosophy
  • A summary table of the evaluation scores from the Student Satisfaction Survey of Courses and/or Student Evaluation of Teaching at Lakehead University for each course taught in the last four terms of teaching supported by photocopies of the original course student satisfaction evaluation summary sheets for each course taught in the last four terms of teaching.
  • Evidence as to how the selection criteria are met. (Note that nominees are not expected to meet all of the criteria, but should indicate how they meet as many of them as possible.)
Note: Nominees are encouraged to access resource materials available through the IDC and its website:  
All voting members of the Senate Teaching and Learning Committee, with the exception of the Vice-President (Academic) & Provost, the Associate Vice-President (Academic), and the Director of the Instructional Development Centre, will form the Awards Selection Committee. The Committee will forward all recommendations to the Vice-President (Academic) & Provost.
1.Course Presentation
- Enthusiastic
- Uses varying communication techniques
- Motivates strong class performance
- Inspires self-learning
- Provides accessible material
- Provides interesting material
- Course content and expectations are consistent with course outline
2.Enhancement of the Learning Experience
- Available to students outside class time
- Relates discussion and class involvement to course content
- Promotes quality discussions
- Incorporates sound evaluation methods
- Promotes an interactive learning environment
3. Reputation for Superior Teaching
- Delivers a maximum effort
- Appears well organized
- Provides leadership and innovation
- Models the teacher as a learner:
i - Demonstrates humility
ii - Demonstrates open-mindedness
iii – Uses fairness in judgment
Chair, Senate Teaching & Learning Committee 
Office of the Vice-President (Academic) and Provost
UC 2007, 2nd floor, University Centre