Award to Staff for Outstanding Performance and/or Contributions

Policy Category: 
Approved By: 
Priorities and Planning Group
Effective Date: 
November 2000 [Revised January 2002;19 April 2002;8 December 2009;29 June 2010


To recognize and reward outstanding performance and/or contributions to the University by a non-faculty employee of Lakehead University.

The Award
1.  a certificate within a Lakehead University folder; and  
2.  a monetary award of $2,000.

The award will be presented to the successful nominee at a special ceremony to which the University community will be invited. One award per year will be available, but it need not be made each year if, in the opinion of the Selection Committee and/or the President, there are no suitable candidates.  In the event that the Selection Committee and/or the President identify two equally qualified and deserving nominees, the annual award may be shared by two nominees.  If the award is shared by two nominees, each would receive a certificate within a Lakehead University folder as well as a monetary award of $1,000.

All full-time members of staff (unionized, Schedule II, Technicians, and senior management) which includes employees with recurring appointments greater than or equal to eight (8) months.

Employed at the University full-time for at least five (5) consecutive years immediately leading up to the March 1st deadline.   

Maternity/Parental/Adoption and Educational Leaves are not considered an interruption in the five (5) consecutive year requirement.  Exceptions for interruptions in the five (5) consecutive year requirement will be considered by the President's Office/Human Resources Office.
Demonstrated outstanding performance and/or contributions.

Following receipt of the award, the successful nominee is not eligible for the next seven years.

Selection Committee
A Selection Committee, chosen through the Internal Relations Committee, will include those that have been employed with the University for at least five (5) consecutive years of service from the following areas:

One Technician  
One Schedule II  
Three members of the unionized staff  
One member of senior management

The Chair shall be selected by and from the Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee will review all eligible nominations and make a recommendation to the President, who will make the final decision.  It is the responsibility of the primary nominator to present evidence in support of the nomination and provide qualitative and quantitative data.

Selection Criteria
The candidate will have shown outstanding performance and/or contributions to the University community in some way, including two or more of the following criteria:

  • demonstrating superior leadership skill and ability;
  • demonstrating a willingness to go far beyond the job to assist other staff and/or faculty and/or students;
  • submitting a proposal which, when implemented, had significant impact on improved efficiency, or cost-saving, or improved service within the University;
  • other positive impact to the University community.

Nomination Guidelines
Any member of the Lakehead University community may nominate by submitting the name of their nominee and a letter of support documenting the outstanding performance and/or contributions. Nominations include a letter of support from the primary nominator and an optional but strongly recommended letter of concurrence from the immediate supervisor as well as other related supporting documentation from staff members and/or faculty members and/or students.  A primary nominator (immediate supervisor or staff member or faculty member or student) is required to ensure the nomination and supporting documentation is submitted in confidence to Office of Human Resources by March 1st of each year.  The successful nominee will be chosen by early April and will be presented with the award at the Employee Service Recognition Reception.  The required staff award application format is available on the Human Resources Website.