Scheduling of Classes/Examinations

Policy Category: 
Approved By: 
Effective Date: 
September 22, 1986 [Revised 29 September 2000]

Resolved that:
  1. each department appoint a Scheduling Representative to work with the Scheduling Co-ordinator where possible have a Scheduling Representative serve for several years; that the Scheduling Representative, in consultation with and under the general direction of the Scheduling Co-ordinator, be responsible for preparing an initial draft of the departmental Fall/Winter class schedule that fulfils program requirements and fairly and equitably accommodates the needs and interests of the department, students and faculty; and that the Scheduling Representatives be responsible for the liaison between departments and the Scheduling Co-ordinator.
  2. the Scheduling Co-ordinator prepare a Scheduling Instructions for Scheduling Representatives that includes a description of the responsibilities of the Scheduling Representatives, the dates on which information is due to be exchanged between them and the Scheduling Co-ordinator, scheduling policies, and other relevant scheduling information such as rooms available and their facilities.