Professor Emeritus

Policy Category: 
Approved By: 
Senate and the Board of Governors
Effective Date: 
14 Feb 1978, and 14 Sept 1978 [Revised 14 May 1980; 16 May 1986; December 1997]

1. The title shall be offered to all those who retire from full-time academic life while holding the rank of Professor or Associate Professor at Lakehead University, provided that they have served the University in a full-time academic capacity for a period of not less than ten years.
2. Candidates who do not meet all of the above requirements may also be nominated.
3. The title as such shall carry with it no remuneration, no formal duties and no voting rights.
4. The Professor shall retain the usual privileges of a member of the academic community.
5. The title shall be conferred not earlier than the spring convocation in the year in which the candidate retires and not later than the spring convocation three years after retirement. The award shall be marked by the presentation of a certificate recording it. A brief citation concerning the recipient may be read at the appropriate Convocation and given to the recipient in the form of a scroll.

Duties and Privileges
(a) No formal duties shall attach to the title of Professor Emeritus as such. The recipient of the title, however, may well be called upon to give counsel, should he so desire, on occasion, as an elder academic statesman.
(b) No remuneration shall attach to the title.
(c) The usual privileges of a member of civitas academics Lacuum Capitas shall be his.