Professor Emeriti, Services

Policy Category: 
Approved By: 
Vice-President (Academic)
Effective Date: 
January 4 1988 [Reviewed January 2013]
In addition to any arrangements a Professor Emeritus might be able to make with his/her former Department or School, the following services will be available:
1. Office Space
Room 5020 in the Library has been equipped with two desks and some other basic office equipment. It will be made available upon request to the Vice-President (Academic) on a month-to-month basis for use on academic projects.
2. Typing Assistance
If a Professor Emeritus is engaged on an academic project and is unable to use the typing services of his/her former Department or School, the Vice-President (Academic) will consider requests for special typing assistance on the project.
3. Research and Conference Travel Support
The Vice-President (Academic) shall try to set aside a modest sum each year to support Professors Emeriti who wish to conduct research projects that are intended to lead to publishable results and who wish to present conference papers at academic conferences. In all cases a condition of receiving a grant would be that Lakehead University's name would appear on the publication and papers. The applications should be made on the normal Senate Research forms that can be obtained from the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. The completed forms should be forwarded to the Chair of the Senate Research Committee. The Senate Research Committee will then review the applications and advise the Vice-President (Academic) concerning the disbursement of the funds.
4. Parking
All Professors Emeriti may apply to the Vice-President (Academic) for a special parking pass.
5. Annual Dinner
Each year, in connection with Convocation, a dinner for Professors Emeriti will be organized by Alumni Services and hosted by the President. It is hoped that it will be a pleasant way of catching up on all the news about what Professors Emeriti have been doing in the preceding year and what has been happening at the University.
If any Professor Emeritus has any special requests or ideas for services of an academic nature, please contact the Vice-President (Academic).