Professional Associate

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June 18 1992 [Revised 28 February 2003; 14 May 2004; November 2012]
The granting of the title “Professional Associate” reflects some mutually beneficial professional association between the University and the candidate.  

The title “Professional Associate” may be granted for any of the following purposes:
·        To recognize the sharing of professional expertise;
·        To recognize the importance of liaison with professional organizations, communities or agencies;
  ·        To recognize the importance of offering relevant field experience to University students in professional/clinical settings;
·        To recognize the contribution of individuals through guest lecturers, seminars and presentations;  
·        To recognize the valuable contribution that professionals can provide in the overall education of students through professional roles of supervising and counselling, and through personal interaction;
  ·        To recognize the expertise and contribution that professionals make in analyzing teaching/learning situations within clinical/professional settings, as well as taking the responsibilities for writing professional experience reports and evaluating field experiences.
Recommendation and Appointment of a New Professional Associate
A candidate for Professional Associate is a person who is not a tenured or tenured-track member of the faculty.  The candidate is recommended by the Chair/Director of the appropriate academic unit following normal academic unit procedures.  The recommendation is forwarded to the Dean of the appropriate Faculty. In the case of interdisciplinary interests, the Chairs/Directors of the appropriate academic units will jointly recommend to the Dean(s) of the Faculty(ies) concerned following the normal procedures of the Faculty(ies). Each recommendation must be accompanied by a full curriculum vitae of the candidate and an explanation of the purpose of the appointment.  
Upon approval of the Faculty and Dean, the Dean will forward the documentation to the Provost & Vice President (Academic) for approval by the President or President’s delegate. If the candidate accepts the invitation, the recommendation to appoint will be presented by the President and to the Senate for approval. The Dean(s) will notify the Professional Associate of the appointment.
In the event that the candidate is employed by another organization or institution, a letter of notification to their immediate supervisor at the institution shall be sent following approval of the appointment.    
The duration of the new Professional Associate’s appointment is flexible and may be up to a maximum of, but not exceed, four years.
Renewal of a Professional Associate Appointment
The appointment may be renewed subject to the mutual agreement of the person concerned, the director of his institution, the academic unit(s) and Dean of the Faculty(ies), subject to the normal procedures of the Faculty(ies). When the Dean accepts a renewal, the documentation must be forwarded to the Provost & Vice-President (Academic) and the Registrar. The President will present the renewal to the Senate for information only. The Dean(s) will notify the Professional Associate of the renewal.
Rights and Responsibilities of a Professional Associate 
A Professional Associate may supervise the work of students proceeding toward either a Baccalaureate or graduate degree subject to all regulations pertaining to the student's academic unit(s) and the Faculty of Graduate Studies, if applicable.  
A Professional Associate may be asked to offer a seminar annually or to lecture on a subject pertaining closely to her/his field of professional competence in accordance with the academic unit(s) requirements.
A Professional Associate may undertake such other tasks as deemed appropriate by the University or academic unit.
A Professional Associate serves the University in that capacity without remuneration from the University.  
General Regulations
Professional Associates may be invited to serve on University-sponsored Advisory Committees.  
The name Professional Associate shall be placed in a separate listing in the Calendar and in such other listings as the Chair/Academic Director of the appropriate academic unit and his/her Dean deems appropriate. Reference should be made in these listings to the organization or institution (if any) to which the Professional Associate belongs.
Professional Associates will receive an I.D. card issued by the Library which entitles him/her to Library privileges and use of the athletic facilities.   
Professional Associates will receive a Lakehead University e-mail address issued by Human Resources in accordance with Lakehead University policies.