Honorary Professor

Policy Category: 
Approved By: 
Senate & Board of Governors
Effective Date: 
Senate-14 February 1978; Board-14 September 1978

The title of Honorary Professor may be bestowed upon a University colleague to honour him/her for dedicated service to the University, as a teacher, scholar, researcher, curator (or any combination of these), he/she having attained academic and/or professional distinction in those disciplines in which he/she has served with excellence the University community. In the case of an administrator, the title may be held, whether or not the administrator engages in teaching, research or professional activity in the area of his expertise, in Lakehead University, with or without remuneration therefore, during the term of his appointment as administrator. His Honorary Professorship shall be held within a Department of the University and designated by the name of that Department, e.g., Honorars, Professor of Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry.

The above criteria are to be applied somewhat stringently so that the title retains its character as designating a signal honour of the University for dedicated service to the University of an individual, as a colleague, as e.g., a Visiting Professor or Researcher, or future administrative colleague, as above outlined, or present holder of the title. That the title be basically for internal use (as distinct from Honorary Degrees, Adjunct Professorships) and for functions performed internally in the University for the University. It would not thus include those who more appropriately qualify for an Honorary Degree or Adjunct Professorship. Should the Honorary Professor qualify under the terms of Professor Emeritus he shall be designated Professor Emeritus.

Method of Appointment
Nominations for the title and rank of Honorary Professor must be made to the Chair of the academic unit which is represented in Senate (e.g. Department) in whose area of discipline the qualifications of the nominee are. All nominations must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae and statement of the reasons for the nomination, and must be voted upon by the academic unit concerned, in accordance with the usual formal procedures for making appointments in that unit (e.g. Department). If so approved, the name, curriculum vitae, and reasons must be forwarded to the Dean of the Faculty concerned, and thence, if approved by the Dean, to the President, and thence, if approved by the President, to the Senate, and if approved by the Senate, to the Board for final consideration for appointment, as with other Professorships.
The term of holding of the title and rank shall be that of the term of the administrative office, or teaching and/or research functions, and shall be reviewable and renewable (upon the fulfilment of such conditions) at the end of each year, where the term of appointment is an annual one. The title and rank carry no salary implications as to remuneration at all, but may be held by one who holds any of the regular administrative posts in the University or falls under any of the usual categories of teaching and research, (e.g. sessional lecturer, term appointment). The duties and privileges would be those which pertain to that administrative or teaching or research appointment.