Enrolment Caps

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Effective Date: 
May 13, 1994

Enrolment in courses will be capped only when deemed necessary. Once a cap has been set, additional sections of a course should not be established until the approved cap has been reached.
  1. As a first priority, every effort must be made to provide students with the required courses in their programs. It is recognized that individual student schedules and circumstances may result in delays as to when required courses may be taken.
  2. Every effort should be made to meet student preferences for elective courses.
  3. While it is recognized that pedagogical or other arguments may favour limiting class sizes, the realities of budgets, scheduling and room sizes are essential considerations when setting enrolment caps.
  4. Caps, once set, should remain firm as far as is possible. Any variation from the cap should insure fair and equitable treatment for all students.
Guidelines for Setting Caps
1. Students should be assured accessibility to courses based
(i) major program requirements
(ii) Senate approved minor program requirements
(iii) certificate program requirements
(iv) requirements for a minor or a second teachable subject in concurrent B.Ed. programs
2. Students should be accommodated where possible based upon:
(i) preparation for admission to the one year B.Ed. program
(ii) student preferences for electives, particularly those specified by a Department or School.
3. Space and/or equipment constraints.
4. Pedagogical arguments.
Process for Setting Caps
Requests for a cap in a course section should be directed by the department or school to the appropriate Dean. The Dean, after consultation with the Registrar, may approve the request. Such approvals will extend for a period of one academic year. Requests for caps should reach the appropriate Dean by January 15 of the academic year previous to the one in which the cap may apply. For the 1994/95 academic year the deadline is extended to June 1, 1994.