Calendar Changes - Required Information

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Effective Date: 
January 20, 1986 [Revised 29 September 2000; 28 January 2011]
The academic units concerned should be reminded that the Senate Standing Committees have requested that academic units, when submitting proposed course or program changes, provide the required documentation related to:
  1. Confirmation that the proposed changes have been approved by the Faculty Council where applicable.
  2. Academic viability and significance of the proposed changes.
  3. Budgetary implications of the proposed changes including their impact on staffing requirements (full or part-time academic, technical and support) demand on central resources (library, computer) course enrolments, and space, equipment and supply needs.
  4. The impact the proposed changes will have on the offerings of other academic units and confirmation that those affected have been consulted.

Additional information on procedures related to submitting a Calendar Change
are posted on the Senate website