Graduate Faculty Designation Procedures

Approved by Senate: October 28, 2005

Members of the Faculty of Graduate Studies will be those persons appointed to the Faculty by through the nomination or appeal process. Members will normally:

  • be of the rank of Assistant Professor or above
  • possess a Ph.D. degree or equivalent qualification appropriate to the discipline
  • will be of such academic achievement and distinction as to enable them to undertake the instruction or supervision of students registered in the nominating graduate program

The general criteria and procedures to be applied in a manner appropriate to the discipline by each graduate program are outlined in the Core and Non-Core membership responsibility tables.

Committee Membership Process for Nomination & Appeals

Faculty members who wish to join the Faculty of Graduate Studies will apply to their Graduate Coordinator using the nomination form (PDF Format). The program's Graduate Studies Committee will review the application and forward their recommendation to the Chair of the member's home unit. This recommendation will then be forwarded to the Dean of Graduate Studies who will submit it for review by the Membership Sub-Committee. A final recommendation from that sub-committee will be brought forward to the Council of Graduate Studies for final approval.

If a recommended appointment is NOT approved by the Council, the nominee may request reconsideration within 10 days, using the appeal form. The Graduate Dean will coordinate and Chair a three-person Ad Hoc Appeal Review Committee from members of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Committee will include:

  • two nominees by the Graduate Dean other than the Graduate Coordinator/Chair of the appellants graduate program (one of which will be outside of the appellants Faculty)
  • one nominee of the appellant

A majority vote will decide whether to recommend or not recommend appointment to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Appeals may be made once in a particular year.