University Regulations and Senate Approved Policies

A list of University Policies and Senate Approved Regulations and Policies can be found at General University, Faculty and/or department/school specific regulations can be found in the Lakehead University Calendar.

Policies are listed under separate headings (e.g. Space, General, Governance) however their application often overlaps from one area to another. With respect to their role as teachers, faculty are encouraged to review the documents listed under "Regulations" and "Student Related", particularly the regulations to do with Examinations, Retention of Student Records, Timing of Tests and Assignments and Accommodations for Students with Disabilities. Policies under other categories are also relevant (e.g. Code of Computing Practice, Alcohol, Diversity Awareness, etc.)

The Student Code of Conduct provides a clear guideline of sanctions and enforcement procedures for breaches in student behaviour dealing with campus life and academic fraud, including plagiarism and misrepresentation.

The Reappraisal and Academic Appeals policy governs the process surrounding student appeal of course marks, final grades, and other academic decisions, from the professor, through reappraisal to the appeals committee.