Truth and Reconciliation


As we approach the 5th anniversary of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Lakehead University is proud to confirm a strong commitment to Truth and Reconciliation in Canada!

Lakehead appointed Dr. Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, as the 1st Indigenous Chair for Truth and Reconciliation in 2016, and she has continued to build right relations on Lakehead's behalf over the past four years. In 2018, Dr. McPherson inaugurated the President's Council on Truth and Reconciliation (PCTR) and appointed a team of dedicated people to develop and implement a reconciliation project. The PCTR has recently launched four of eight modules which have been designed to prompt dialogue on critical issues and seek positive solutions to uncomfortable social realities. Lakehead University has embraced a commitment to truth and reconciliation, equity, diversity and inclusion, and celebrates the cultural diversity of each of its campuses. We hope you too will join our conversation on why "celebrating our diversity" makes Lakeheadu one of the best destinations for education in Canada!

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