Security (ext. 8569 in Thunder Bay and ext. 2009 in Orillia)

In all emergency situations dial 8-911 from any university phone or 807-343-8911 from cell phones.

Lakehead University operates its own security services registered under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act.  Guards are uniformed and individually licensed.  We are available 24/7/365.


Parking on campus is governed by parking regulations, found here –

Parking permits are required except on Saturdays, Sundays and official University holidays. Parking permits can be purchased online here:

or in person at the Security Desk (UC1016 Thunder Bay), or online through HonkMobile, here

A variety of parking products, ranging from daily permits to annual permits, are available for purchase.

Safe Walk Program

Lakehead University Security Service provides a walking service on campus.  At any time you have concern for your safety, call us and we will walk you from any point to any point on campus. This service is available all day, every day.

Keep In Touch Program

Lakehead University Security Service provides a Keep in Touch program.  If you are working late, or over the weekend, provide us with a quick phone call to tell us where you are.  If you would like us to, we will come by periodically and check in with you. This service is available all day, every day.

Lakehead University Mobile Safety App

Lakehead University has partnered with AppArmor to give students, faculty, staff and visitors a faster way to access resources on campus. Our MobileSafety app includes emergency contacts, a safety toolbox, and other important resources available at the touch of a button. Safety alerts can be communicated in real time on the app. The app allows users to easily access our walk-safe program, to quickly contact security if needed, and to use tools that can help in an emergency.

The app is available on all major platforms and can be downloaded onto your smart device.