Risk Management and Access to Information (ext. 8518)

The Office of Risk Management and Access to Information can provide information on and assistance with:

  • Risk assessment and management, including insurance and waivers (e.g. for field trips);
  • Compliance with information legislation governing the University, especially with regard to access to records and protection of privacy as mandated by Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA);
    • Note: All emails and other electronic communications (e.g. texts and social media messages) relating to University business are, potentially, producible under FIPPA and civil litigation. Accordingly, while you should not be afraid to use your Lakehead University email account, keep the contents, insofar as they relate to University business, objective and professional.  Remember that, under privacy law, comments about another individual in University related business communications are deemed the personal information of that individual, to which the law gives that individual a general right of access.


Millo Shaw, Director
Phone:   (807) 343-8010 ext. 8518
Email:     mshaw1@lakeheadu.ca or student.appeals@lakeheadu.ca for matters relating to student appeals
Website: http://riskandprivacy.lakeheadu.ca/