Physical Plant (ext. 8208)

Physical Plant provides all services required to support the day-to-day facilities operations at our campuses, the development and planning of all capital construction projects and provides professional advice and counsel to various officers and committees of the University.

Work Order Request (ext. 8273) or

The Work Order Desk is your first point of contact for assistance from Physical Plant. Please contact us for minor maintenance or trouble such as a key that won’t work, too cold or too hot in an office or classroom, a plugged toilet, burnt out lights in classroom or office, etc. 

If your request is for work other than maintenance, it must be submitted on a Request for a Non-Maintenance Expenditure (RFNME). Examples are to replace the door locks, relocate a door in a room, add an electrical outlet and small renovations. Please contact the Work Order desk using the above contact information.


(NOTE: All keys are issued through Security)

All key requests must be authorized by the chair/director/supervisor and forwarded to Security for clearance. Security will then forward the approved request to the Work Order desk for processing. Security will advise once keys are ready for pick-up. Persons picking up keys will be required to present valid identification.

Graduate Students

Requests must be authorized by the chair/director/supervisor and forwarded to Security for clearance. A $20.00 CASH ONLY DEPOSIT will be charged and is required to be paid at the time the key is issued. Upon return of the key a $10.00 refund will be given to the student. Persons picking up keys will be required to present valid identification.

Maintenance and Non-Maintenance Expenditures

As a general rule, the cost of operating and maintaining buildings and related equipment that could be used by any academic or administrative department is funded from central accounts managed by Physical Plant. If the equipment or facility is of specialized or restricted use, then the maintenance and sometimes operating costs are the responsibility of the owner/operator/department.

The repair of furniture used in instructional, library, offices and general-use spaces (such as restrooms, non-departmental conference rooms, and auditoriums) is funded centrally and is not charged to departments unless the furniture is not part of the University furniture inventory.

The repair of laboratory equipment, personal property, etc. and pianos are examples of items that are funded by other departments. The repair of the central air-conditioning and heating system in a building is an example of an item funded by Physical Plant. If you have a question about funding responsibility, a specific charge/invoice, or other fiscal matters relating to Physical Plant services, call ext. 8208.

Unauthorized Work Can Be Dangerous!

Most of the University's facilities are more complex than they appear. Steam lines, computer cables, power lines, chemical hood vent ducts, fire alarm wiring, and other systems are often concealed and not readily identifiable. Cutting or interrupting these systems can be hazardous or have other harmful effects such as destroying years of research. Also, some areas contain asbestos or other materials that can harm people. Special precautions are required to work in these locations. Running cables through, putting up shelves or hanging pictures in such areas are a few examples of how hazardous materials may get dispersed unintentionally and create a contamination problem. For these reasons, University staff, students and faculty are prohibited from doing work to University buildings.

To maintain a safe work/learning environment for all put in a Work Order (see Section 4.4.1). All work on University facilities must comply with applicable codes, system standards, policies, and the Long-Range Site Development Plan. This work is the responsibility of Physical Plant and their delegates. Maintenance Staff are trained to work with hazardous materials. 

For work order questions please contact

The performance of unauthorized work may cause the parties involved to become personally liable for any injuries or damages that result, including restoration and decontamination costs.

Lakehead University maintains an Asbestos Management Plan, as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Reg. 278/05, which is administered through the Physical Plant department. For more information, please contact the Space and Capital Planning Manager at 343-8077 or  


Hugh Briggs, Director
Phone:   (807) 343-8790