Financial Services (ext. 8243)

Welcome to Financial Services. Our mission is to provide reliable and relevant financial information and quality financial services, which include accounting, payroll, pension services, financial management and reporting, student accounts, financial system training and purchasing and treasury management. 

Location:  UC0002A

Accounts Receivable & Student Financials (ext. 8140)

Accounts Receivable provides support and assistance to students regarding their financial experience from admission to graduation. In addition, staff, faculty, and administrative departments receive assistance with External Invoicing for Sales & Services, as well as guidance for cash handling and deposits, as well as:

  • Set-up, billing and collection of all student related fees
  • Assist students with understanding their account and payment responsibilities
  • Publish and maintain University financial regulations
  • Issuance of student tax forms T2202A and T4A
  • Process refunds for surplus of awards, scholarships, bursaries, and withdrawals
  • Sponsorship billing and central processing of all requirements for external invoicing
  • Central receiving of all departmental cash in adherence to the cash handling policy

Budgeting & Accounting (ext. 8893)

Budgeting and Accounting assists and provides support to departmental chairs/managers with inquiries about their base budgets. We can prepare and provide various financial reports and help with the analysis to ensure budgets are managed in accordance with various University policies and guidelines. We also will assist you with gaining access to myBudget found in myPortal.  

Financial Systems (ext. 8141)

The Financial Projects Manager provides training on our Finance Systems and its related policies and procedures, as well as coordinating the financial system access held in each unit. 

Payroll Services (ext. 8143)

Location: UC0002A (part of Financial Services in the basement of the Agora)

The mission of Payroll Services is to ensure that all faculty, staff, and student employees are paid accurately and on time, in compliance with federal and provincial laws and regulations, collective agreements and Lakehead University policies and procedures. 

Services for employees include information and assistance with:

  • Employee payroll income and deductions inquiries
  • Payroll pay schedules; bank deposit dates
  • Online myTimecard for hourly employees and supervisors
  • Pay stubs (pay advice) on myPortal
  • Payroll deposit banking, adding or changing
  • Other payroll related forms (e.g. TD1 federal and provincial)
  • T4, T4A for employees
  • Record of Employment (ROE)
  • Payroll reporting requests 

Faculty are paid semi-monthly on the 15th and the last working day of the month. You can view your position details (My Position Summary) and your course stipends (My Stipends) on the “for Employee’s” tab in myPortal. If you employ part-time hourly employees, they are generally paid using the on-line timecard system, myTimecard, available on myPortal. As a supervisor, you would approve hourly employees’ time using this system; as well, you can view your employee’s time history.

On our website, Payroll Forms and Schedules, you can find your and your employee’s pay schedules and various forms (for banking, tax forms such as TD1s, pension voluntary contributions, charitable donations, late time card form, etc.). Also available are links to: FAQ – Payroll Frequently Asked Questions, and myTimecard Frequently Asked Questions, as well as Instructions for the myTimecard System Employee and SupervisorHow to Request a Record of Employment, instructions on how to complete various forms, and payroll information links.


Gail Wdowiak, Payroll Services Manager
Phone:  (807) 343-8010 ext. 8143

Debbie Meredith,  Payroll Analyst
Phone:  (807) 343-8010 ext 8603

Debbie can assist with any questions on payrolls for full-time staff and faculty.

Enza Michaliuk, Payroll Analyst
Phone:  (807) 343-8010 ext. 8721

Enza can assist with any questions on payrolls for part-time employees, graduate assistants, and post-doctoral fellows, inquiries re: myTimecard for supervisors and employees.

Derek Klement, Payroll Analyst
Phone: (807) 343-8010 ext. 8078

Derek can assist with general inquiries, request Record of Employment, banking changes, TD1 tax changes, and assistance with T4 on myPortal.

Pension Services (ext. 7287)

Pension Services provides support for all employees with inquiries about their pension. This includes, but is not limited to, pension transfers, how a benefit is calculated and contribution rates. Often, new faculty will have a pension from another institution and may inquire about transferring their previous pension to the Lakehead University pension. 

Purchasing (ext. 8455)

Generally, purchasing is processed through a central authority which is intended to apply to the acquisition of all goods and services from suppliers, particularly where competition in the marketplace may prove to be financially beneficial to the University.  Certain items may be excluded from this policy mainly where they are of a non-competitive nature such as taxes, utilities, postage, and memberships. 

Maximum value should be obtained for budgetary expenditures spent on supplies, equipment, and services. The lowest priced product will be purchased provided quality, service, delivery, and other relevant factors are deemed equal to competitive products.

A purchase order is normally required for all procurements exceeding $5,000.  For amounts exceeding $5,000, wherever possible, at least three competitive bids in writing should be obtained and submitted with the purchase requisition.

Policies relevant to purchasing can be found at

Research & Trust Accounting (ext. 8730)

Research Services are responsible for the administration and monitoring of all research accounts and for preparing financial statements for external agencies. We provide advice on the eligibility of expenses, arrange for transfers and cost recoveries, prepare invoices to sponsors and maintain signing authority and access to the research accounts. 

Trust & Endowment Services is responsible for the administration and monitoring of all trust and endowment accounts and for assisting the Office of Advancement in the reporting of activity to the donors. We provide advice on eligible expenses, charitable activities, and the amount available for payout from the Endowment & Trust Accounts. 

For more information about these services please visit the our website:

Treasury & Ancillary Funds Accounting (ext. 8626)

From time to time, employees may require reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs associated with the purchase of items made on behalf of the University. Eligible expenses are reimbursed through the Accounts Payable office.  A completed cheque requisition must accompany original receipts. To increase our efficiency in making travel,hospitality, and other reimbursement payments to you, effective June 1, 2004, Lakehead University began paying expenses directly into your bank account through an electronic payment program. Due to confidentiality, we do not have access to your HR file, so to take advantage of our direct deposit program, contact Financial Services to arrange to have your account set up. 

Accounts Payable (A/P) Requisition

Cheque Requisition forms submitted to Accounts Payable must:

  • have complete name, address and Social Insurance Number for the person providing a service to the University
  • provide a budget code
  • have proper authorization
  • identify what, when, why, and who the payment is for
  •  Attach original receipts
  • Include the appropriate approver’s signature

Travel and hospitality expense reimbursements are also completed through Accounts Payable. Recognizing that employees may be required to travel from time to time on University-related business, it is the policy of Lakehead University to reimburse faculty, staff, and other individuals for reasonable travel and hospitality expenses associated with the various operations of the University.

(Note: as of September 1, 2017, all Lakehead University faculty and staff must submit their travel reports electronically through Concur.) The traveller must submit an electronic request using the Concur Expense System prior to any expenses being incurred. Using a pre-determined workflow, the electronic system will seek the appropriate approval and notify both the approver and the traveller as to the progress of the request and the resulting expense claim. Using electronically captured receipts, the expense claim is submitted using the Concur Expense system, giving the traveller the option of entering expenses as they occur or after the travel has ended. 

For Concur training, please contact Financial Services.
Please review the Travel Policy and Hospitality (Entertainment) and Working Expense Policy  to gain a full understanding of the policy requirements.

University Purchasing Card and Corporate Travel Card (ext. 8243)

As a new employee, you may require a University Purchasing Visa card and/or a Corporate Travel & Hospitality Visa card. Please consult with your chair/department head and contact the Visa Site Coordinator in Financial Services to start the application process or visit the Visa Card Program page for more details, related policy links, and applications.